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Date: Tue Jul 1 14:19:28 1997

> On 01-Jul-97, wrote:
> >Ok, put in generic 1.44 mb floppy drive and Pow! Why? that oddball
> I don't see much point in this though since the HX's controller won't
> handle the 1.44 meg drive anyway. Plus, it'd be easy enough to add a floppy
> drive to it, but supposedly neither knock-out plate has been punched out
> behind either of the drive bays! This is what prompted my original post.
I've been using my HX for some ten years now. Since it won't die
it's been upgraded quite a bit. Anyhind, I didn't even know the HX's
shipped without a 3.5" floppy. That was standard.
Maybe a Shack guy removed it to sell it to someone way back when.

> Actually, it's an 8088 running at like 7.16mhz I believe. One needs the
> PLUS Memory board to add the memory above 256k, the DMA functions, and the two
> additional PLUS connectors for the additional cards. That's a neat idea about
> the SCSI though...heck, it'd be a cinch fitting one of the newer drives into
> one of the 1" x 3-1/2" drive bays. The only problem would be power to the
> drive, since as you've already mentioned, Tandy likes to send the power
> through the ribbon cable.
SCSI is what I have on this one also. A 2.5" drive works fine but the
other stuff doesn't.
When I had the RLL and later an IDE (for a few days), they all got
power from the controller card. Some RLL's have power leads on the
controller. DCS (Tandy 3rd party stuff) had the IDE stuff. Didn't pay
attention where the connectors were on the 8-bit card.

> Yes, true, but XT class machines were still pretty much the norm for the
> low-end in '87 when the HX appeared. I'm glad to be getting another one
> though and remember 'PCM' making a big deal about the machine, asking if it
> might not be the best 1000-series machine up to that time. Too bad Tandy
> didn't at least make it a 286 like the TX which came out about the same time.
> Jeff

Hmm, a 286 design in this shell would've been nice.
I didn't realize how compact this case was 'til a neighbor came by
with a Toshiba 286 laptop recently. The thing was huge.

Ten years and my Tandy 1000 HX keeps running.


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