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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue Jul 1 23:01:20 1997

A few weeks ago, there were some questions posted concerning the
Trackstar board that was sold by Tandy Corp. some years ago. Here is
the spec sheet on this board that I found on thier website. It has not
been edited.


Trackstar E (250-1038) Features Faxback Doc. #

The Trackstar E is a 65C02 Parallel Processor board. It may be installed
any IBM PC, XT, AT, 386 or compatible, and will provide you with the
to run Apple software on those machines. The Trackstar E supports most
features and contains enhancements not present on the original Apple

Your Trackstar E comes standard with the following features:

* 65C02 Microprocessor
* 128K Main Memory
* 40 & 80 column Text
* Apple LoRes, HiRes, and Double High Res Graphics
* Supports up to four disk drives
* Supports a hard disk drive
* Supports standard Serial and Parallel ports
* Apple compatible 5.25" disk drive port
* Apple IIc compatible game port
* Thunderclock compatible Apple clock.


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