Auction: Odds and Ends, Power Supplies, etc.

From: Greg Mast <>
Date: Wed Jul 2 00:35:53 1997

I am still sorting through my stuff and have a few odd items up on the
eBay auction. These type of things go pretty cheap (a buck for 3 power
supplies and 4 RF adapters? Cheaper than the Goodwill!) but are
sometimes hard to find (especially when you need one...power supplies?).
Anyway, all you have to do is go to the link listed and check the price.
Remember to figure shipping into what you want to pay. I'm in CA.

Lot of Power supplies & RF Adapters (TI99/4A)
    Current bid: $1.00
    Auction ends on: 07/03/97, 13:38:45 PDT

Indus GT Black Drive for Commodore 64 (photo)
    Current bid: $14.50
    Auction ends on: 07/03/97, 13:50:38 PDT

Lot of 3 Joysticks (photo)
    Bidding starts at: $1.00
    Auction ends on: 07/03/97, 13:57:24 PDT

Atari 800XL and Power Supply (No Workee?)
    Current bid: $1.00
    Auction ends on: 07/05/97, 13:10:40 PDT

Thanks for reading, Greg
Received on Wed Jul 02 1997 - 00:35:53 BST

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