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Date: Wed Jul 2 15:57:50 1997

>Sam Ismail wrote:
> One of the
>> systems he mentioned he had was a Video Brain. Apparently this is a
>> video game system. I *think* I vaguely remember hearing about this
>> system. At any rate I'm curious about it and was wondering if anybody
>> knew what it was as we both had too much tequila for him to describe and
>> for me to comprehend it.
>Video brain was made by a firm called UMTECH, used a microprocessor
>called F8 and had 1 to 4K of RAM memory. It was possible to store the
>data on cassette and, you are right there, it had many plug-in
>cartridges with games on them. It was sold mainly through departments
>stores and specialty electronic stores (at least that is what "A
>Collector's guide to personal computers" book has to say about it)
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This is a case of two computers and one name.

The Video Brain is also a desktop, CP/M microcomputer built in the early
1980's. It physically resembles an Applied Digital Data Systems ADDS 70
intelligent terminal with dual 5 1/4" floppies mounted beside the monitor.

Now you must investigate further and tell us which one it is.

Yours in good faith.
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