Sony CP/M machine?

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Jul 2 19:53:12 1997

On Wed, 2 Jul 1997, Ken Marshall wrote:

> I was just given a Sony SMC-70 last weekend by a friend of my son's that is
> moving. The machine has 3.5" single-sided floppy disks, both black & white
> and RGB video outputs, an RS-232 interface, parallel interface, and a DB-25
> connector labeled "external drives". It also has a "supercharger" unit with

Interesting. I have an external 5.25" floppy with a DB-25 connector and
its own power supply brick. I found the DB25 connector odd, mostly since
I've never seen an external 5.25" drive except for Apple ][s, and this
one was obviously not for Apple ][s since the later model Apple drives
used a DB15. I wonder if this is compatible with it? Or just a generic
external PC-compat drive.

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