northstar advantage/cordata

From: Marvin <>
Date: Thu Jul 3 01:07:12 1997 wrote:
> i posted a note locally about ti99 goodies and someone emailed me back with
> an offer for a northstar advantage and a cordata. i need info on what these
> are and if they're worth getting.

Cordata took over Corona and I *think* they were located somewhere
around Westlake Village, California. Both the Corona and Cordata
machines that I have are all MS-DOS machines and I don't recall their
ever running CP/M. When Cordata ceased operations, the service and
support was taken over by a company in Los Angeles (don't recall the
name, but I could probably find it if it was needed.) As with
everything, the value is what someone is willing to pay. If the machine
has all the documentation, I *might* go as high as $20 but that would
only be because of the docs. BTW, I seem to recall that the monitor was
specific to the machine so make sure the monitor comes with the
machine. Without docs, I *might* be willing to take it off someones
hands but only if it were in excellent condition and working. The
Corona PC400 was my first MS-DOS machine.

The Northstar Advantage was an integrated machine that has the terminal,
processor, etc. all in one case; kind of a nice machine. It ran CP/M
and came out after the Horizon. I mainly used the Horizon so don't know
the details of the Advantage. The two Advantages I have were given to
me and included all the documentation. With the usual "it is worth what
someone will pay", the prices I have seen on similar equipment at swap
meets, etc. run around $10 or so. It is worth a bit more with docs.

As far as "worth getting", that depends on what type of collection you
want and how much space you are willing to devote to the collection.
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