Strange Tandy 1000HX

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Thu Jul 3 11:00:17 1997

On 03-Jul-97, wrote:

>If it has a 5 1/4" internal (on the right side?) then it is a
>1000EX and not HX.
>They're similar but I forgot what the main difference was other than
>the drives. I don't think the EX has a setup program like the HX's
>SETUPHX is one. Wonder if it's possible to change settings on the
>EX like the HX (EEPROM).

   Other than the obvious difference in floppy size and location, the EX was
strictly an XT-class machine that required the 5-1/4" boot disk to boot, as it
didn't have the DOS-in-ROM of the HX. Also I could be wrong, but I don't
believe it had any type of internal EEPROM setup like the HX and AT-class and
above machines. Otherwise, the cases appear to be based on the same one, with
just the modifications for the floppy relocation.

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