Extra stuff to go

From: Jeff Hellige <jeffh_at_unix.aardvarkol.com>
Date: Thu Jul 3 16:29:30 1997

I have the following extra stuff taking up space if anyone would like any of

1) TRS-80 Model 4, desktop model with dual floppies and 64k RAM. works
perfectly, and will include an original copy of TRSDOS 6. Asking $20 +

2) Sears SR2000 printer...dual interface IBM/Commodore 8bit. Seems to work
fine though needs a new ribbon. $4 + shipping

3) Commodore Plus4/C-16 joysticks..a pair with the 8pin minidin connector.
loose. unable to test. $5 + shipping

4) Atari SC1224 monitor...color monitor for the Atari-ST's. works great,
though has some magic marker on the case. asking $10 + shipping

   I'm selling off these to make room for additional aquisitions, so if
interested, please email me! Thanks.

   Jeff jeffh_at_unix.aardvarkol.com
    Amiga enthusiast and collector of early, classic microcomputers
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