Zenith Data Systems ROM BIOS

From: Marvin <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Thu Jul 3 20:23:27 1997

I have a portable Zenith Data Systems computer, Model # ZFA-121-52 and
Serial Number 508EE0351. It looks like pictures of a Z160 but I don't
see that ID anywhere on the machine. Unfortunately, the BIOS has been
removed and having one in place will most likely help the performance of
the machine a lot :). If anyone has one of these machines, I would
appreciate it if you could send me a binary image of the two BIOS

I don't know what is available in the CP/M world but there is a utility
called HACKROM in the MS-DOS world that will make a copy of the BIOS
chip(s) and store it on disk. I have used it and it has saved me a LOT
of trouble in the past when I had a machine with a BIOS that would go
bad as soon as it warmed up. Got a listing while the machine was still
cold, blew another set of BIOS chips, and I was back in business! Since
this is an MS-DOS machine, it will probably work to get a good copy of
the BIOS.
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