1980s Laser 50 computer???

From: Cord Coslor <coslor_at_pscosf.peru.edu>
Date: Fri Jul 4 01:16:01 1997

  I am wondering if any of you out there could help me out. I am looking to
  acquire an old educational computer that I had years ago called the Laser
  50 personal computer. What it was is an old educational computer (for
  kids basically) produced by V-Tech, or Video Technologies, Ltd. around
  the mid 1980s. This machine was the size of a regular laptop computer and
  allowed small BASIC programs to be saved internally, and also had built
  in educational software, calculator, etc. The manual I still have for it
  says an additional cassette recorder could be purchased to save programs
  on, as well as printers, and a 16k expansion unit.
  Please let me know if you might have any information on this computer....
  I would really like to find one for my kids. I am also looking to find
  the address for the manufacturer. I know V Tech still makes computer-like
  educational machines for youngsters today.
  I would appreciate your help.
  Thanks in advance,
  PO Box 308
  Peru, NE 68421-0308
  (402) 872- 3272
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