CLASSICCMP digest 101

From: Marvin <>
Date: Fri Jul 4 12:08:15 1997

Brett wrote:
> Now Marvin. Are you going to tell me you have NEVER accidently hit reply
> and then hit send instead of cancel 8-) Don't scare them shitless! Every
> body does a booboo once in a while. Let them recover and maybe we will get
> the message they were planning on sending.

Nope, never have (and that can probably be chalked up to just plain
luck!) I guess the point was that I am seeing a lot of messages with
few comments along with too much quoting, and that is just a waste
bandwidth as well as our time. And of course, I am not referring to
accidents as you describe and I should have explicitly stated that!
Thanks for pointing that one out.
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