A good 3rd of July

From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Fri Jul 4 13:10:42 1997

Generally I do not get to gloat much, so here goes...

Yesterday was a good day for me in the computer ju...collecting field,
as I picked up several goodies:

1) "Stack-o-VAX" - Actually, a VAXstation 2000 (in the larger brick),
along with two expansion bricks. All three boxes contain RD54s, and are
in very nice shape. I did not get a tube or keyboard, but that should be
no problem.

2) Apollo 10000 - While not a classic just yet (wait two years), it is
the last Apollo made before HP took over the line. It appears to have
quite a lot of horsepower (two BIT floating point chips) and a nice
looking graphics card (1280x1024 40 bit, with coprocessors). It is, um, a
bit beat up and shows a little corrosion, but the boards seem OK (still
covered with small dust rats). I will need drives, as this machine was
formerly used by the government.

3) PDP-11/23 - Normally not special, but this one is NEW. It has not been
powered up since it left the factory (a sticker over the power sockets is
still holding on, and the bag of nut clips is still tiewrapped to the
back of the unit). It is in perfect shape, except (getting angry now), a
big chip in the front paint, formerly covered with an government sticker.
Splatter coat paint jobs are easy to mend, luckily.

By the way, lets drop the bickering about definitions and such, and get
back to geeky tech talk.

William Donzelli
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