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From: Isaac Davis <>
Date: Sat Jul 5 00:35:54 1997

At 10:54 AM 7/4/97 -0700, Uncle Roger wrote:
>But, we've not done much about getting new members (either PC or ST). Your
>message has gotten me thinking, though. Every now and then I get a call
>from someone who's got an ST for sale, and I have to tell them there's just
>not much market for them here. Perhaps we could set something up to get
>those machines into the hands of someone who could use them and is otherwise
>unable to afford them. (Goodness knows we've got enough kids with no $
>around here!)
Due to an accident(broken arm) with my then 5 week old daughter, about a
month ago, I spent two days in the local childrens hospital. She is fine
now, but at the time, my two sons ages 6 and 3 were bored to tears. On my
way back to the room, I noticed a room with an old apple, and some other non
computer items. I asked a nurse, and she mentioned that they would love to
have some more computers for the kids to use. There were kids in there that
were really sick, and I'm sure that there are times where they are bored to
tears as well. My point to this whole rant, is that old "obsolete"
computers with some fun software would make some happy kids who are in a
really bad situation. Any spare computers I run across will be making the
trip to the local childrens hospital. I would encourage anyone else who
gets calls and doesn't know what to do with these extras to check out their
local scene. Who knows, these kids might be able to turn out some really
good software.
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