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Date: Sat Jul 5 11:59:32 1997

Hello -

I hope you are the Tony Duell that posted this. If you are not, please accept my
apology and ignore this message.

I have a HP-71 with the FORTH ROM. I am interested in getting a copy of the
technical docs. Do you know of any source for them? Or, assuming no copyright
infringements, would you be willing to make a copy? Another option would be for
me to make a copy and return the originals to you.

Do you know of any HP 42 calculators for sale?

I also have one BIG favor to ask. I am trying to get a subscription to two
magazines published in the UK: Elektor Electronics and Electronics and Wireless
World. Could I send you the money to purchase a copy of each for me?

Thanks for your time.


> In message <199707031310.GAA04318_at_mx5.u.washington.edu> classiccmp_at_u.washington.edu writes:
> > I got more into the guts of the HP-71, which was a 20-bit, nybble-oriented.
> > It had a Saturn chip (I think), on which I programmed in FORTH. A FORTH
> > chip was talked about for the HP-41 (never heard it called a coco, though)
> > but I don't know if it jelled.
> 'Coconut' was certainly the code-name for the HP41
> I also like the HP71B. They're very easy to find in the UK at the moment, and
> tend to sell for about \pounds 20.00. Forth/assembler ROMs are a lot rarer,
> though, but the built-in Basic is quite nice.
> I was very lucky - I managed to obtain all the technical docs on the HP71B,
> including a commented source of the ROMs. It's a very interesting machine
> internally. The Saturn (which is used in a lot of later HP handhelds,
> including the HP48 family) is a strange chip. I'd not call it 20 bit, though.
> Addresses (nybble addresses!) are 20 bits, most registers are 64 bits, and the
> ALU is (I think) 4 bits. Call it whatever size you like.
> >
> -tony
> >

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