IBM XT Parts

From: James L. Rice <>
Date: Sun Jul 6 08:28:01 1997

Tim Shoppa wrote:

> > Does anyone know of a good second hand supplier of parts for XT's?
> > I need a replacement keyboard, and would prefer to get an original
> > replacement. Would also like to know where to get things like
> controller
> > cards, full height IBM 360K floppy drives, and low capacity MFM and
> > harddrives.
> Stuff like you want isn't usually carried by the mainstream
> merchandisers. (Though I'd expect you could find XT keyboards
> without too much difficulty; I remember buying some keyboards at Fry's
> just
> last year that were switchable between XT and AT via a little slide
> switch on the bottom.) You're best bet is to hit the electronic
> surplus stores in your area and dig through their bins. Here
> in Vancouver, there's a place called "Computer Warehouse" which
> has an excellent supply of XT- and AT-era hardware, including
> floppies, controller cards, and MFM drives. When I lived in LA,
> All Electronics (especially their big store on Oxnard in Van Nuys)
> was a good source of this stuff. University and school surplus
> auctions are also a good place to find this sort of stuff.
> Tell us where you are and someone
> local to you may be able to point you in the right direction.
> Tim.

  Here in the Dallas area, there are several good surplus stores. I saw
full height hard drives for $1.00 last week, XT keyboards (original IBM)
are usually around $3-5.00. Also we have a computer fllea market the
first Saturday of each month. I bought a mint CalComp "E" size pen
plotter with over 200 pens for $100.00 yesterday at First Saturday.

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