This Weeks Haul

From: James L. Rice <>
Date: Sun Jul 6 14:05:06 1997

This was the Fist Saturday Flea Market in downtown Dallas weekend:

My haul:

1 Tandy M100, working with printer cable, cassette cable, and bar code
reader $20.00

1 CalComp 1043 "E" size plotter with cables and 200 pens $100.00

1 USR Pilot deluxe leather case $1.00 ($49 in USR's catalog, yes I know
it's not a classic, but I use the hell out of it)

1 Tandy 20m hard card for the 1000 series NIB (the guy had around 50 of
the) $10.00

Passed up a NEC Model 100 look-a-like for $45 and a Kaypro 4 for $50
(you can't collect everything you would like if you live in an apartment
with limited space)

A good weekend shopping spree..
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