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From: Louis Schulman <louiss_at_gate.net>
Date: Sun Jul 6 20:34:12 1997



I've decided to focus my collecting on Apple items. Therefore, I have some
Osborne collectibles I'd like to sell. I thought I'd give this group the
first shot, before going public.

All items are AS IS, subject to the descriptions given. Nothing is warranted,
except that the items are as represented. Prices do not include shipping
from Tampa, Florida

1 Tan Case Osborne 1. Beautiful cosmetic condition. Has double-density
        upgrade. Startup screen displays with extra characters (zeros), and
        attempts to boot a disk result in boot errors..........$75

1 Osborne-103 "internal" modem with manual and software. Blue plastic, fits
        in pocket below left-hand disk drive. Missing ribbon jumper cable
        (should be simple to replace). Cosmetically excellent...$25

5 Osborne 1 "User's Reference Guides". There are a number of different
        versions and revisions. Original version in black plastic 3-ring
        binder from December,1981 with corrections(the corrections seem to
        pre-date the publication-I think they are misdated).......$25

        Completely re-written version in black plastic 3-ring binder appears
        to be from around January, 1982.......$25

        Blue spiral-bound version from February, 1982 in good condition..$20

        Blue spiral bound version as above in fair condition with tabs added
        to pages...$10

        Grey paper-back version that appears to have come with blue case
        Osbornes in very good condition....$20

1 Package of correspondence and documents from OCC including an updated
        section on SuperCalc (contained in the second black plastic manual),
        information on upgrades and software, and an introductory letter
        machine-signed by Adam Osborne....$10

1 MBasic manual, grey paper-back....$5

1 Osborne Field Service Manual published by Xerox for Osborne 1,1A and
        Executive. 245 pages in 3-ring binder plus appencices, schematics,
        and updates through February 1984. Very comprehensive and easy to
        use. Unfortunately missing first 42 pages on general Osborne 1
        disassembly. However, it appears that this material was mostly
        the obvious things, and the comparable sections for the Executive
        are present. Very useful......$35

1 Osborne 1 Technical Manual by Osborne Computer, 1982. Complete photocopy of
        manual with schematics, appendice, etc. Approximately 250 pages.
        The schematics are foldouts, and photocopy may have been the original
        means of reproduction.......$35

2 Boxed sets of original Osborne software. Each Osborne labeled box contains
        the following original disks in original sleeves: CP/M System; CP/M
        Utility; CBasic/MBasic; SuperCalc; WordStar; Upgrade Diskette. Note
        that these are sold as collector's items- the data integrity is not
        warranted, in fact the contents of the disks are not warranted...$30

2 Double Density User's Manual with original Extended Utility Disk in
        original sleeve in blue plastic binder. Like new, data integrity not

13 Original Osborne disks in Osborne sleeves. Some have user-applied labels.
        May or may not contain labeled software. Data integrity not guaranteed.
        Titles: Double Density WordStar(2); Diagnostic II Diskette One; Osborne
        Executive Exerciser Diskette; Executive Diagnostics(2); PC Files;
        CP/M System; CP/M Utility; SuperCalc; Extended Utility Disk; Single
        Density WordStar; Upgrade Diskette.....$3 each

1 XtraKey User Guide...$3

1 SuperGraphics 4.1. Original disk, manual and literature.....$10

1 "The Portable Companion", premiere issue, June/July 1982 published by
        Osborne Computer. 85 page full-color magazine, a true collectible.
        Color cover shows Afghan guerillas using an Osborne 1....$25

1 "A Guide to Products and Services for the Osborne Computers" by Spite
        Software, 1985. A 50 page guide to everything that was available...

1 Grey plastic cover from the back of an Osborne. These are often missing..

Offers on multiple items or for everything are welcome. Please e-mail me at
louiss_at_gate.net with any questions.

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