Apple & Commodore Stuff on Auction

From: Greg Mast <>
Date: Mon Jul 7 11:18:01 1997

Hello again. Time for the list of stuff. I have listed some items on a different
auction than eBay AuctionWeb this time. It's a new auction so it's faster to
search (less listings) and they do have a vintage computer category and a
Non-PC/Mac software category.

I'm still trying to reduce the pile (and get a little money for tuition next
month) so everything sells for whatever the high bid is. Most of the power
supplies/boards have been going for about $5 so far with a few exceptions.

Remember to figure shipping in to what it's worth to you, I'm in Central CA.


Mac II Logic Bd - NEW! Sealed From Factory!
    Bidding starts at: $5.00
    Auction ends on: 07/13/97, 16:54:10 PDT

Apple IIc Power Supply NEW! Factory Bag/Box!
    Bidding starts at: $1.00
    Auction ends on: 07/13/97, 17:15:38 PDT

Apple II SCSI Card
    Current bid: $15.00
    Auction ends on: 07/13/97, 17:25:49 PDT

Auction Works:

Commodore 1541 Drive in Orig Box
Starts at $3

Apple 5.25 Disk Drive Brand New in Sealed Static Bag

Apple IIC Computer

Thanks for reading, Greg
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