Panasonic HHC

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Jul 7 16:54:23 1997

To anyone who's sent me e-mail to be put down on the list for an HHC, if
your mail bounced then please post it publicly here on the discussion
group, and everyone excuse these people in advance. My service provider
seems to think customer service is a joke to be played on its customers.
I'll be switching to a provider which can handle the mundane task of
exchanging e-mail. Note to the wise: stay away from CRL Network Services.

Everyone else, if your mail did not bounce, do not send another request.
I have your request saved, I just did not respond to you. I will be
compiling a list tonight and will post it so you know if your request has
been received. Thanks.

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Received on Mon Jul 07 1997 - 16:54:23 BST

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