Help with Convergent Technologies

From: thedm <>
Date: Tue Jul 8 05:33:21 1997

Okay, [SyS][sys] is the first hard disk, then d1, d2 d3 etc
It was strictly an office automation machine, usually it came with Document
designer, Office spreadsheet and Bmail. When it boots, it has a bunch of
dots run across the screen, seems to me at this point it tells you the
software license. The licenses are, standalone, 5user, 10 user, 25 user and
48 user. These machines had the networking built in. There are two RS422
ports on the side, you can put 24 machines in a daisey chain on each side.
There is a surplus store here with buttloads of them and no one wants them
because they don't know what they are. These boxes are INtel based, but
propriatary as hell. There is a DOS emulator available or was. Unissys
currently owns this platform as of 1986, before then it was sperry, and
then your model convergent, allthough convergent still made alot of the
hardware under subcontract. If you ask me more specific questions I can
probably remember more. It's been 5 years since I even touched one.

> From: Ray Stricklin <>
> To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
> Subject: Re: Help with Convergent Technologies
> Date: Monday, July 07, 1997 7:53 PM
> On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, thedm wrote:
> > Is this a little square box cpu with a buss on the side? and ad ons
> > lock onto the side of it? If it is I used to administer a Convergent
> > network, it uses the BTOS/CTOS operating system and uses JCL for batch
> > programming. Its almost useless with out the native software and if I
> > recall our licenses where about 10,000 for a 48 user network. They do
> > a standalone version, but I'll be darned if i would ever know where to
> > it.
> That'd be the one.
> It has an OS installed; with the CPU I also picked up a QIC unit, 10 meg
> disk/floppy unit, a 'disk expansion' unit of unknown size (I'm short one
> power supply), and a GC-001 graphics unit, as well as boxes of QIC tapes
> and 360k floppies. The OS is installed along with lots of other stuff of
> unknown purpose on the hard disk/floppy box. It boots fine; I can play a
> little with it, but I really don't know what's there.
> I'm able to get file listings of [sys]<sys> which I'm assuming is the
> disk.
> I wish there'd been an operator's manual in the lot..
> ok
> -r
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