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From: clark_geisler_at_nortel-nsm.com <(clark_geisler_at_nortel-nsm.com)>
Date: Tue Jul 8 13:27:50 1997

IVIE_at_cc.usu.edu wrote:

> I wrote:
>> Sort of in the spirit of this list, I set up this configuration for
>> Internet
>> e-mail:
>> - 8 MHz 80286 AT clone desktop
>[[[ snip ]]]
>> With this, we can do e-mail, and text-based internet stuff (I've got
>> Windows telnet and ftp programs as well), but graphic web browsing
>> is out (they all require a 386 or better).
>Have you taken a look at Arachne? I've not run it on anything but my
>trusty office 486 yet, but it claims to be able to run on anything

Yes, I looked at, but didn't try out Arachne. It's documentation said you
had to have a 386 to do graphical stuff. Might be a better text web browser
than Nettamer, though.

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