Banning People From the List

From: Bill Whitson <>
Date: Tue Jul 8 14:11:53 1997

OK. I've been away this weekend for the funeral of my
grandfather who passed away last week. I was thrilled
to come back and find my mailbox filled with threads
dealing with personal disputes (much was thankfully
kept off the list). I cannot continue to run this list
if I have to constantly mediate situations in which
adults are acting childishly. Therefore I am instituting
the 1 warning rule:

If you post something insulting/immature/inflammatory and
I receive a complaint you will receive a warning. If you
then do so again within a months time I will eject you.

Please do not follow up on this message to the list. If
you need to follow up send me personal mail. If you have
important comments regarding this rule that you feel I am
censoring send me a copy of the message and I will make it
available to list members. If you follow up to this to
the list regarding its unfairness consider that your
warning for this month.

      Bill Whitson - Classic Computers ListOp or

PS. I _really_ did not want to have to do this.
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