From: e.tedeschi <enrico_at_Brighton-UK.com>
Date: Wed Jul 9 15:32:26 1997

Jim wrote:
> I agreed with the new rules until the bit where nobody can say they disagree.
> That, and I really don't have time to read the volume coming from this list.
> Farewell all, then. If you have questions about apple2 GSs or Tiger Learning
> Computers, please feel free to e-mail me personally
> Bill, please unsubscribe me.
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> Jim Strickland
> jim_at_calico.litterbox.com
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> "...It tells me that goose stepping morons like yourself should try reading
> books instead of burning them."
> -Dr. Henry Jones Sr.
> Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

I agree to disagree.... this mail list like all the others is made by
the people partecipating to it and belong to them NOT to the promoter.

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