"Bally Astrocade"

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Thu Jul 10 11:25:58 1997

> 1) This unit is label "APF tv fun" pn the front. It has a knob with fou
> game selection possibilities, on/off switch/ start button, angle settin
> bat size setting, and ball speed setting. It appears this is an old
> Tennis/baseball type of game unit. It also appears that the actual
> controllers on on the main unit in the form of knobs. It saw it was mad
> in Japan by APF Electronics, Inc. although I can't find a year. Could
> anyone help there? It also says underneath TV FUN Model No. 401A and

that's the oldie of the bunch! Early game machines from the mid '70 were
the tennis/pong type and used a few chips. their logic was a mix of
digital and analog. My guess would be 75-77 timeframe.

It would be some years before the tvgames would go the microprocessor
route to get the the first ataris and company.

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