"Bally Astrocade"

From: Sam Ismail <dastar_at_crl.com>
Date: Thu Jul 10 12:30:44 1997

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Cord Coslor wrote:

> 1) This unit is label "APF tv fun" pn the front. It has a knob with four
> game selection possibilities, on/off switch/ start button, angle setting,
> bat size setting, and ball speed setting. It appears this is an old
> Tennis/baseball type of game unit. It also appears that the actual
> controllers on on the main unit in the form of knobs. It saw it was made
> in Japan by APF Electronics, Inc. although I can't find a year. Could
> anyone help there? It also says underneath TV FUN Model No. 401A and
> seriel number is S- 052193. Finally it has the TV channell selector (3
> or 4) and battery storage unit to run it off batteries. Could anyone
> please give me some more information on this, and also info. on if it
> might have some value out there or interest from any of you?

I have one as well. Don't know what year it came out but my guess is
early 80s. Just another maddening Pong console.

> 2) This looks like a 'golden oldie'. This also is a self contained game
> unit. It came complete with two odd looking joysticks, although the
> machine has ports for four joysticks. On the front it has a calculator
> looking button pad and to the right of that is a cassette insertion place
> along with an eject and reset button. Behing all of this is a storage
> compartment for several cassettes, complete with hard palstic cover for
> this area as well.I also have an overlay that says Astrocade BASIC (c)
> 1978 Astrocade, Inc.? This apparently goes with a cassette for the unit
> that says " BASIC, Computer Programming Cartridge with Built-In Interface
> (c) 1981 Astrocade, Inc. " On the cassette is a small like and an audio
> cassette Jack (in/out) -- also came witha small microphone.On the
> underside it says Astrocade Arcade Model ABA-1000-2 with a seriel # of
> 020777 and Astrovision, Inc, Garner, Iowa also on the bottom. Again, would
> any of you know more information on this unit, and if it might have some
> value out there to collectors? Are any of you interested?

It's a Bally Astrocade and I would consider it highly collectible, if not
rare. I have yet to find one for myself, and have only recently seen one
in person. Games are fairly hard to find for it, and only occasionally
come up for sale or auction on the net. Nice find!

> I only paid $5 for both of the above items, and I guess I am willing to
> entertain propositions if anyone wants them. Please let me know. Oh, yes,
> are there other cassettes available for the Astrocade? Are the above units
> very common these days?

I'd be interested in the Astrocade if you're interested in selling it.

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