Classic Computer Rescue List Update

From: Isaac Davis <>
Date: Thu Jul 10 13:12:39 1997

        It has been a month since I started the list, so I guess it's time
for an little update. We have quite a few entries so far, and the list
really looks good. Only two of us (Brett and myself) have volunteered to
have our vehicles repainted, stickers applied, and flashing lights
installed. Just keep in mind that this list is strictly that, just a list.
No one is comitted to do anything, but we are all here in the interest of
preservation, so anything you can do will help. I, as well as everyone on
the list has a limit to what they will/can haul and ship if necessary. We
all pretty much have the same goals and limitations. If you are not on the
list, and want to be added, feel free to email me.
        On a side note, I have also added a second page with a list of items
that have been saved. If someone contacts you through the list and you
manage to save something, go ahead and let me know. I will add it to the page.
If you cannot get to the web page, or know someone who wants a copy, I can
email it to you/them.
Thanks for all of the entries.
Isaac Davis | Don't throw out that old computer, | check out the Classic Computer Rescue List - |
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