What Classic Computer are All About - A Lovers View

From: Brett <danjo_at_xnet.com>
Date: Thu Jul 10 23:57:00 1997

On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, James L. Rice wrote:
> I've been guilty of posting my "Weekend's Haul" a couple of times. I
> like to know what other people find and what the are paying for it.
> Kind of a reality check against what I find around Dallas-Ft Worth. If
> somebody gets something I really want, I might write them and see if
> they want to trade or if it's really something they really want. I
> sometimes pickup something that I don't collect so I can help someone
> else out or trade for something I really want or "need". :-)

Guilty? You are only guilty if they catch you 8-) AND can prove it! I
agree with the reasons. Just - how come all of YOU are so lucky???

> I'm sorry if this offend someone, but I like to know who comes across
> unique hardware and even if I envy them, I'm also proud for them.

No! That's why I used the word *perturbed* 8-) No offense taken.

> As for the philosophy wars, if I don't really care about the "soul or
> zen" of computing, I don't have to read those posts....that is what a
> "delete" button is for!

Ah, but you are missing some of the fun 8-) I HOPE you read Kai's post!
If you did - but didn't understand - maybe you should start reading some
of those posts 8-)

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