What Classic Computer are All About - A Lovers View

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Fri Jul 11 08:27:03 1997

> From: Brett <danjo_at_xnet.com>

> Well, that's true. I always wondered why DEC couldn't sell PDP-11's - b
> then with that lousy chip set and poor software 8-) I still get pissed
> thinking about how DEC Marketing has messed up every attempt to get int
> the *home* market!

You're pissed! I lost my job with them because they couldn't make money
from a dimond mine!

> You mean the the 7440 I have on the desk next to me?

Never remembered the model number but likely, yes!
> Not if you tell people about it!

Drat you caught me.

> You must have been - what - 8 years old 8-) Great story! I think we al

I wish, I'm old enough. I finished college before the 8080 was

> have one of those - where everybody kinda stares at you - wondering -
> What the Hell is THAT? What are you doing with that - THING?

Never happend to me. ;-) I get you have those, in there, and they all

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