Panasonic HandHeld Update and FINAL COUNT!

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Fri Jul 11 09:54:16 1997

Ok Folks, here it is...the final count. Any last minute additions will
be accomodated up until tonight so act soon.

E-mail Name Qty
------------------------------ ----------------- --- Sam Ismail 4 Allison Parent 3 Jeff Hellige 2 Kelly Fergason 3 Gary Tucker 2 Roger Sinasohn 5 Ward Griffiths 3 Ben Coakley 1 Paul Coad 2 Jim Willing 3 Richard Cini 3 Hans Pufal 5 Doug Spence 3 John Ott 1 Bob Withers 4 Frank Peseckis 2 Roger Merchberger 3 ursa 4 Richard Schauer 2 Brian Stuart 3 Jeff Lodoen 1 Scott Ware 3 1 James Rice 3 Benedict Chong 2 Kirk Scott 2 Hans Olminkhof 2 Mark Tapley 1 Stacy Morang 2 Brett 2 Curtis Haley 1 George Lin 2 Isaac Davis 2 Frank McConnell 10 Matthew Sayler 1 Gerald Pine 2 Kai Kaltenbach 2 Jeremiah Gale 1 Ted Birdsell 2 Bob Roswell 1 Larry Anderson 2

                                    Current Total: 103

If you're not on here, better e-mail to me soon. If you tried e-mailing
me and your message bounced, send it to the group discussion and you will
be forgiven. If your e-mail address as shown is incorrect please send me
your correct address.

I also have gotten quite a bit of interest from my internet sale ad and
as a result the price per each for all of you will likely be pushed down.

If you don't know what the hell I'm blathering about, this is in regards
to the Panasonic HandHeld computers (about 400) that we are making a deal on.

It was a handheld unit which featured:

6502 processor
8K RAM (the "top-of-the-line" model)
3 slots for 8K program EPROM on-board
40-column thermal printer (paper can still be found allegedly)
26 character x 1 line display
Full "QWERTY" keyboard
FORTH-like language in ROM called "SNAP"
Measures 9" x 3.5"

These units also have:

Custom built tray to hold 10 additional 8K EPROMS
Tray also housed both computer and printer to make one compact unit
Some MCM 68674 8K EPROMs with programs on them
AC Adaptor

Current price will be < $10 per unit! If you would like to reserve one
(or two or three or ten), e-mail me.

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