farewell and COCO question and Definicon stuff and simpson meter.

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Date: Fri Jul 11 11:16:27 1997

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<< On the contrary, I think that people are unsubscribing because in this
 mailing list about collecting Classic icons there is NOT ENOUGH
 discussion about the history of the computing boom and the hows and whys
 that led to it. >>

I am sorry, but I was not aware that this list was about collecting classic
I thought this list was about classic computers, of which collecting is a
I am not interested (well, not as much) in the "hows and whys". I want to
them, use them, fix them. I don't really collect them simply to collect.

You might argue that I had to collect one to use it,
but thats not necessarily the case. I could have bought my Kaypro new and
still be using it.

If this list IS about COLLECTING, then I will unsubscribe myself as well.

On something more hardware related, I have a Radio Shack TRS-80 Color
Computer Controller, Cat. No 26-3129. I am assuming it is a disk controller,
can someone give me some confirmation on that?

Also, if someone still needs the definicon board stuff, I finally got my PC
together, so I can read the 5.25" disks.

And while I am babbling, not really classic computer, but classic test
related, I have a Simpson 303 that I have never been able to get to work. It
to need the battery, and it is a rechargeable model.

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