Old Microprocessors

From: Benedict Chong <bluesky6_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Fri Jul 11 15:53:10 1997

Some days ago, I mentioned that there was a UK company that used to
advertise old microprocessors like 9900, Z800x, 32032 and other stuff.

I've just dug up my old issues of Elektor and found the company. It's
Viewcom, at Plaistow in London.

Perhaps Enrico might want to check if this company still exists and
its tel/fax number: I've been looking for a 10MHz Z8001 (the one found
in Ciarcia's Trump card project in Byte).

The April 1991 issue of Elektor advertises Viewcom as carrying stuff
like the 9900, 9995 (both TI 16-bit microP). There's even the AMD 9511
which (if I'm not mistaken) is one of the first math copros for

Interestingly, there's another ad. for a little machine called the
midi65, which uses a 6501 (the number was re-used by Rockwell for a
dual-65C02-on-a-chip implementation) with LCD display.

Of course, then there are the usual surplus ads from Display
Electronics (VAX11/750 for 3900 pounds sterling and the Tatung PC2000
a big brother of the CP/M Einstein for 299 pounds sterling) and J&N
BULL Electrical (which offers an Atari 65XE computer for 45 pounds

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