What Classic Computer are All About - A Lovers View

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Fri Jul 11 19:00:40 1997

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> > Enough of this blathing...anyway, you got my idea. I buy them for
> > quality even they're outragously outdated. The newer ones even Compaq
> > and Toshibas, Sony is now showing QC problems and sunk down as well.
> > Recently a association already issued several critations warning
> > buyers not to buy certain models from them.
> Boy - DO NOT get me started on THIS subject!

Nor me. One of the reasons I use classics is that they're so well made and
so reliable. A few weeks back I mentioned at a computer club that a new
hard disk that I'd run for less than 25 _hours_ was already giving me trouble
but that a 25 _year_ old minicomputer on the same desk was still going strong.

> That is a given. 8 bitters rule. Even 16 bitters rule. Tho I do have
> some 4 bitters - they don't rule - they just barely survive 8-)

Err, don't forget the HP Saturn, which is used in almost all their
calculators (including the HP48). That's a 4-bit machine at the hardware
level (and sort-of 64 bit at the software level - strange chip).

And I've found 4 bit microcontrollers in keyboards, 1-line displays, disk
drives (not the controllers - but handling the stepper motor, drive ready,
that sort of thing), and probably more besides.

> There are probably more 8 bit MPU and CPU's in existance now than
> Intel CPU's. They are EVERYWHERE. Kind of like Candid Camera. Where

Don't forget the Microchip PIC (which has an 8-bit ALU and 12 or 14 bit
instructions). Those turn up in just about anything nowadays. There's even
one in my Laserprinter....

> you least expect it. Cars, phones, thermostats, elevators, games, man

TV's, VCR's, CD players, monitors, IR remote handsets, toys, etc...

> you name it - SOMEONE put a 6502/8085/6809 into it!

Or an 8048, 8051, ST6, PIC, COP4, COP8, 7810, or something custom.

> BC

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