Fridays Haul

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sat Jul 12 01:56:28 1997

I met with a friend of mine who had a garage and yard full of computer
stuff and was invited to take what I wanted. I wanted it all :), but I
don't have the room. I ended up with three HP 9123 disk drive units,
one HP 9122 unit, a Tandy 1000, Zenith Data Systems XT of some sort
(Mod. ZW-151-52), an ACC Bridge/Router, an old style Compaq Deskpro 386,
and some other miscellaneous stuff. The Zenith only has the CPU card
and I think there should be a couple of proprietary cards in that unit
but I don't recall for sure. BUT, it looks like that CPU card is the
same one in the Zenith portable I have that is missing the ROMs. Now
when I have time, I can blow new EPROMS and try out the portable! I
should add all of the above at no charge. Oh, I also got a floptical
drive that is supposed to be good. As I was talking, one of the things
I was looking for was a DMA Systems and he

Tomorrow is the Santa Barbara Amateur Radio club Bazaar and besides the
Spectragraphics CAD setup, there is a Kaypro II, a Commodore 128, a LOT
of PS/2 stuff, and a number of the old AT style computer cases with
?????. I talked with a local non-profit who will take any PC computer
stuff that doesn't sell so at least some of it is saved from the BIG
dumpster that will be sitting there.
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