PAM computer, Convergent?

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Sat Jul 12 03:30:12 1997

Ok, saw three things of interest today.

First, I saw a set of boxes from some Scottish company. One was called
the PAM computer and simply had some red LED displays on the front to
display numbers. Another was FINANCIAL ANALYSER and another still was,
oh, forgot. Weird. Anyone ever heard about these? They seemed to be
boxes for doing calculations, or displaying results of formulas?

Also saw and picked up this Convergent computer thingy. Pretty cool. It
has modules that plug together. One is the PROCESSOR module, then
there's the EXPANSION DISK module. The boxes which make up this
"computer" fit together via this bus and then there's this lever you use
to lock the boxes together. Seems I forgot to pickup the Processor
module (paid for it but forgot to get it). I also saw some dumb
terminals for this system at a thrift shop (they are gone now). Anyone
have any info on this?

Lastly, I saw this pretty awesome looking Morrow computer which seemed to
be of a portable ilk. At first when I saw it from afar it looked like
one of those phony props you see in furniture stores. When I got up
close I realized it was an actual computer with this funky wide screen
built in (it was about 4" high by 8" wide) and two floppy disks. The
proprietor of the place I was at made me put it back because apparently
it has all the store's financial records back a few years. I offered to
copy all the data off for him and pay him good for it but he flat-out
refused. Very frustrating. I plan on bugging him about it everytime I
go back.

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