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From: Cord Coslor <>
Date: Sat Jul 12 08:18:46 1997

Sam and all:

This little blurb might frusterate all of you out there, but the message
Sam posted below has GOT to be the funniest little bit I've read in a
while. I'm still laughing!!! It's 8:20am here, just woke, and, geesh, I
had to read what he said about 'mental telepathy' two or three time to
believe what I saw... and like I said, I'm still laughing. Goofy, huh??

Thanks for the chuckle, but for some reason.... I DO BELIEVE YOU!!


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On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, Sam Ismail wrote:

> On Fri, 11 Jul 1997, Roger Ivie wrote:
> > > Just curious (again!) if anyone is collecting the early modems used on
> > > computers and what might have been the earliest commercial phone modem.
> >
> > I'm not doing it on purpose, but I find myself unable to let go of this
> > Novation CAT modem that I dredged up a few years ago...
> Are you referring to the AppleCat? That was an awesome modem. It could
> do MF, tone-detection (with an add-on chip) and could also play 3-voice
> music through the phone (or was it 2-voice)? I have a Novation modem
> called the AutoCat 212 which is a piece of dung. I swear to almighty god
> that this thing produced line noise based on my brain wave activity. Now
> check this out, if I was looking at the modem, it would start spewing
> line noise. If I would look away when it was transferring data, it would
> work fine. I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. Very weird. And frustrating. I
> had to put up with dirty file transfers and modem sessions for about 3
> years until I finally got another modem (couldn't afford a nice 2400 baud).
> Anyway, it was a 1200 baud, no DTMF dialing (only pulse but not hayes
> compatible, you had to write a special driver for it since no terminal
> software on the apple seemed to support it) or you had to manually dial.
> Sam
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