We now own a VAX!

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Date: Sat Jul 12 18:21:45 1997

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you might want to post about it on comp.sys.dec newsgroup. i asked for some
info there on my uVAX ][ i got recently, and got some really good info from
the regulars there. there's a faq also, try ftp'ing to digital and look
around. i know there's one there.

<< For $200 I got a VAX from a business that went under.
 It's a VAXserver 3100, with VMS 5.3 on it.
 I have no idea what to do with it, this is the first time I've ever seen
 VMS. I have a 50-user liscense. When I boot it up, it seems to wait
 forever for DECWindows to get DECnet or something... Someone please
 explain what this is and what it can do. Any help appreciated. This had
 an IP number, so it may be on the Internet if I can make it work...

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