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Date: Sat Jul 12 20:22:06 1997


I certainly will volunteer to be the distributor for the Mid-West. I am
located in Peru, Nebraska which is 2 miles from Missouri, 30 miles from
Kansas, and about 10 miles from Iowa. I also am an hour from both Omaha
and Lincoln, Nebraska.... right in the southeast corner of Nebraska!! I'm
about as mid-west as it gets!

I have a lot of experience in mailing items, large and small, as well as
in bulk... so let me know if you still need me.



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On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, Sam Ismail wrote:

> Ok, just spoke to Mike. Here's the deal:
> Haven't gotten a price yet. He's concerned about shipping since these
> units will be coming from Canada. Each unit weighs a little over 5 pounds
> with the cpu, printer, tray and power supply. This is a little more than
> I expected. He's going to try to have the units shipped in bulk directly
> to the volunteer distributors. (So far Kirk (dynasoar) has volunteered to
> be an east coast distributor. We need a mid-west, southwest and possibly
> southern distributor. Please e-mail me if you wish to volunteer.) Shipped
> in bulk, the shipping per unit on the first leg will not be that
> significant. Its when you only have 1 or 2 coming to you on the 2nd leg
> of shipping that will be significant with relation to the price of each
> unit. I would say expect to pay upwards of $15 per each unit after
> shipping. Again, if you did not anticipate this and want to or need to
> back out, please do so soon.
> Mike said it will take him a week to coordinate everything with the
> company that has the units, so no new news until late next week...sorry.
> Sam
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