Some Commie questions

From: George Lin <>
Date: Sun Jul 13 19:20:26 1997


Are you trying to connect the 1702 monitor to the C128 RF port? It won't
work. The 1702 monitor should be connected to the C128 VIDEO port via a
special cable. The VIDEO port outputs composite video signal. The RF
port outputs VHS Channel 3 or 4 and is used for TV connection.


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I gather this rates as a classic at least :^)  Been working on my Weekend
haul, and having only ever had a Vic 20 (which sadly I gave away years
ago), I'm somewhat out of my depth.
My main question is on the C= 128, along with all the other stuff I picked
up, I got a Commodore 1702 monitor, and a couple 1541 drives.  I've got 
drive attached, and the monitor hooked up via a RF cable (I guess that's
what it's called) through the front connection (This works for the Amiga
500 I also got yesterday).  Anyway, I power the thing on, it "buzzes" the
drive like it's expecting to find something, and I don't get anything on
the display.
I remember that the C64's like the VIC-20 would drop you at the prompt 
if you had nothing attached, and didn't need any kind of boot floppies. 
I need some kind of boot disk for this beast?
I gather a CGA monitor will work, so I guess I should dig out one of the
old Mono-CGA monitors I've got in storage.
The next question would be, is it worth trying to repair a C64's power
supply?  I got two of them yesterday, both powersupplies are dead.  It
looks like the 5V line is shorted to ground.  I did get a copy of the Old 
New style users manuals, and a copy of "Troubleshooting and Repairing your
Commodore 64" yesterday (I love Powells Technical Books!) so I've got some
documentation.  It's been too many years since I worked as an Electrician,
so my skill level is pretty low (wasn't very high to begin with, which is
why I switched to computers).
Then there is the Amiga 500.  About a month ago, I'd picked up a copy of
"Bards Tale" for the Amiga, so I know it works.  Problem is I don't have a
copy of the two floppies that came with the computer originally (also got
the manual for this at Powells).  I think I've got the Kickstart 1.2 ROMs
(it has a 1.2 on the screen when asking for the Workbench disk).  Where 
I get the disks?  I don't suppose it's like the Apple IIgs software that
you can now download.
The second Amiga question would be, is it possible to hook up Apple IIgs,
or Macintosh 3 1/2" external floppy drive with a Amiga?  I somehow doubt
it, but...
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