Datamaster troubles

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Date: Mon Jul 14 12:04:22 1997

Rich Cini wrote:

> My Datamaster Troubles...
> Well, I'm reviving my Datamaster. Last year, it worked fine (I at least
> could get into Basic). This year, I can't even get it to boot. I have no
> manuals for the darned thing, so I have no idea what the numbers on the screen
> during the POST mean. I have one reverse-highlighted number: "09" and I'm
> assuming that this is a hardware failure code.
> I have the "Diagnostic" diskette, but since I think that the floppies are
> not working (or the diskette is now bad), it's useless.

I must admit, I haven't booted mine recently. It is just about visible
under the pile of junk in that part of my computer room...

I can, however, easily get at the manuals. The service manual is not
much use, I'm afraid, but I can look up the diagnostic codes for you. I
shall try and do this this evening, and post it tomorrow, but I can't
promise anything.

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