Western Digital Host Adaptors

From: Jeff Kaneko <jeff.kaneko_at_ifrsys.com>
Date: Mon Jul 14 12:02:03 1997

> > I have a few WD-1000 host adaptors, and I need to get some
> > information about them. Western Dig. is of not much help-- their web
> > site dosen't carry docs from that far back.
> >
> > I used to have a chart delineating what controller card was what, but
> > I've since lost it. There aren't PeeCee host adaptors; rather they
> > are the same footprint as a 5.25' floppy drive (actually, one is
> > bigger).
> I'm pretty sure that these aren't host adapters; I think they're
> controllers in the traditional SCSI sense. (i.e. you sandwich
> them between the SCSI bus and a MFM or ESDI drive.)

Ah, yeah, they're CONTROLLER cards. Can you tell I've spent WAY
too much time in the PeeCee business?

> > One is a WD-1000-05, one's a WD-1000-50, and a WD-1000-TB1. If
> > anyone has docs for these (or can tell me where to get them) I would
> > really appreciate it.
> The Emulex SCSI controllers (adapting to MFM, SMD, or ESDI drives) are also

I have a *MAJOR* axe to grind with these guys, dating from way back,

> known by the folks who hang out on the Sun newsgroups (especially
> comp.sys.sun.hardware). They might know something about other brands,
> too.

Cool. I'll follow this lead, and see where it takes me.

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