PAM computer, Convergent?

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon Jul 14 12:17:53 1997

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Jeff Kaneko wrote:

> > Halted in Santa Clara but as usual for Halted they were asking a
> ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^
> Funny you should mention these guys. I don't uderstand how they've
> managed to stay in business! I *really* needed a couple of 8" floppy
> drives a couple of years ago when I lived in San Jose. They had a
> pile of them -- for $75.00 a whack! I didn't bite.
> They were gone a couple of weeks later, I asked what became of them,
> and they said that nobody wanted them, so they were scrapped!

Some of these surplus stores have real turkeys running them. That's why
Weird Stuff fell from glory. They always had cool stuff (they had a
couple Lisa's when I went there in 1993) but they always wanted
ridiculous prices for the crap. I mean they had stuff going for $50 that
nobody would take at a flea market for free.

Some people just have no business sense...

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