PAM computer, Convergent?

From: Ward Griffiths and/or Lisa Rogers <>
Date: Mon Jul 14 12:59:02 1997

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997, Ray Stricklin wrote:

> There is also a 'Miniframe' that Convergent produced, and I've had more
> luck finding info on. I get the impression, though, that it's more of a
> standard PC-type box than the modular ones that you and I have stumbled on
> to. I have the Miniframe FAQ version 0.7 on my box here, in postscript
> form. I haven't read it yet. The ASCII version I found was only at version
> 0.3 and not particularly helpful.

The "Miniframe" (like all Convergent *frame systems) was based on a
Motorola CPU, not Intel, therefore it was actually functional. Its normal
operating system was Convergent's version of Unix, CTIX. It was first
cousin to the AT&T Unix PC Model 7300 and 3B1, which Convergent also
built. (And in my not in the least humble opinion, the Unix PC is _still_
one of the most aesthetically pleasing desktop systems _ever_ put on the
Ward Griffiths
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