From: Gil Parrish <107765.1161_at_compuserve.com>
Date: Mon Jul 14 13:33:46 1997

Message text written by Sam:
>I figure total shipping costs will be $4 for a single unit, $5 for a
couple, etc. Not sure exactly.
I realize the shipping costs may not be what some people bargained for so
at this point I would ask that if you want to or need to back out, please
do it soon.
I am going to try and negotiate a lump sum for the total units that will
hopefully bring the cost per unit to $7. That's what I'm shooting for.<

I don't know why anyone in their right mind would back out. You said
originally $10 per unit, and if the above figures work out, that would end
up $12 for a single unit delivered; not bad at all. In fact, for the folks
who asked for two, the above figures would product $19 delivered, CHEAPER
than you originally said.

Still, you're left doing an awful lot of packaging, etc. You might at
least want to build in $1-$2 a unit "profit" just to compensate for all
your time and effort. On 400 units, that would at least get you a few nice
dinners! Please accept our thanks for all your work on this.

Gil Parrish
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