PAM computer, Convergent?

From: Jeff Kaneko <>
Date: Tue Jul 15 08:53:58 1997

Tim Shoppa Wrote:
> I've never been to Space Age Metals, but from your description it
> sounds just like Apex (in the San Fernando Valley...) My problem
> with Apex is that the good stuff was always buried under tons
> (literally) of scrap metal.

I've been there! The only place in town where you can get NIXIE
tubes at bargain prices (truly a must-have for the classic computing
conneseur)! But that place can break your heart too. The stuff
inside their warehouse is mostly the test equipment, powersupplies,
components and stuff like that.

On the OUTSIDE, in their scrap yard, is where most of the computer
stuff ends up. I once found a WICAT *and* an EXORCISOR II out
there-- both filled with water. (Sob!).

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