From: Gil Parrish <107765.1161_at_compuserve.com>
Date: Tue Jul 15 08:58:30 1997

Message text written by Sam:
>I also finally found a C16 but it has a broken key in the upper row :(
These things apparently aren't too common in these parts as this is the
first one I've ever seen.<

If the unit powers up, you're ahead of the game. The video chip, called
the TED, is weak in those units, and probably 1 our of every two you'll
find has a bad TED chip. By the way, the same TED is in the Plus/4, so if
need by the chip can be swapped from unit to the other.

All those C16s with bad TED chips means there are more than a few
non-working units out there that could be a part donor for your keyboard.
If fact, if you can't search around and find, drop me a note and I'm sure I

Gil Parrish
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