Altair Construction Manual

From: Richard A. Cini, Jr. <>
Date: Tue Jul 15 11:41:04 1997


        Thanks for the encouragement. It seems that at one time, one of us did try to
contact TA to no avail. Should we try again?? I'd need to get the contact info
from the gent that tried it the first time, and I'll give it a second

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From: Glenn Roberts
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outstanding! i continue to applaud your efforts.

i would think that all we need to proceed is a trail of evidence showing a
"reasonable effort" to receive permission in this area.

this can be a precedent-setting effort for publication of all kinds of
useful historical information that might otherwise be lost forever.

thanks again for blazing the trail!

- glenn

At 02:04 AM 7/13/97 UT, you wrote:
>To all Altair fans...
> Well, my more-than-kind individual has provided me with the first of three
>installments of the original Altair construction manual. He scanned all 102
>pages of the doc and made it into a PDF document -- almost 7mb in size. He
>also providing me with manuals for "the 88-4K, 88-ACR, and other stuff." I'm
>not too familiar with all of the available options since the Altair was
>before my time, but it looks like the 4k memory board and other stuff.
> I'm not going to U/L the docs yet, first for size reasons, and second,
>we determine if we should try to contact Triumph-Adler...
>On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, Jim Willing wrote:
>>>So, it can be assumed that TA [Triumph-Adler of Germany] now >>owns all of
>the rights to things MITS/Altair. I've tried to contact them >>on
occasion on
>related matters and have gotten no response of any >>kind to date.
>Anybody have any thoughts?
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