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Date: Tue Jul 15 08:18:16 1997

Hi TJ Plajer!

> Opps, My name is TJ Plajer, and recently reinstalled the mailer and forgot
> to add a space for some reason..... <G>
hahah... better learn than nothing! :)
> I did follow your tips, and the drives are in a XT case and there are no
> bezels for the drives.
You are supposed to cover any empty drive space with anything like
cardboard but do not block the area of hds... Here's your cooling
problem...XT case is poorly made because this power supply fan is
simply too small try first: under the width of drive cage, seal the
grille holes on metal sheet and on case cover on right side, seal
that underside holes, all with a good tape. On that XT PSU, how much
airflow blowing out back, weak? Look for a replacement fan that does
better than this el cheapo fans. Try AT type case if you can, they
has bigger, powerful fan.

XT case design especially in cooling department is bit goofy, blamed
by IBM for this ill. :)

> there is good air flow, just they seem to run this
> hot.
More power to air flow is needed, see the tips..
> I never ran these drives before and have no idea how hot they should
> be. as for power cycling, they get NONE. this system has been running for 2
> months continous, without any powerdowns since they were installed, so for 2
> months now, the thermal stability has (hopefully) stayed the same.
> thanx
Hey, no problem!
Jason D.
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