antique computer blowout (fwd)

From: Ray Stricklin <>
Date: Tue Jul 15 15:49:48 1997

Somebody in the Berkeley area might want to answer this call to duty.. I'd
be thrilled to get the Sun 1 clone, but it'd cost several hundred
dollars to ship up here.


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Date: 15 Jul 1997 07:39:46 GMT
From: Paul Leondis <>
Subject: antique computer blowout

I'm looking to get rid of some stuff, let me know what you think:

I've got a huge amount of old S-100 bus stuff, almost all of it with
technical manuals and software on diskette, that was working the last i
knew. Most is Godbout stuff, some Morrow, some Dual, etc. Lots of 8"
floppy drives and diskettes. I have most of the processor boards that were
released by Godbout, including 8088, 8086, Z80, 8080, 68000, and i even
have some of the National Semiconductor 32000 series cpus on S-100 cards.
I have all the stuff like CP/M 68K with the associated assemblers and
linkers etc.

I also have a complete working [?] Sun I clone: yes, that's right, the
first SUN design was public domain (did you know that?? At least that's the
way i understand it...) and a company called Forward Technology made clones
of that design. It has a 68K cpu running in a multibus one chassis, and i
have lots of peripherals for it, including 9-track tape drive and 1/4"
tape drives and disk controllers for several interfaces. I've got all the
relevent software, inc. V7 unix and a mess of compilers. I have the (at
the time) very high res monochrome monitors that went with the system.

It's a real wrench for me to let go of this stuff, if you were in this
field 10 or 15 years ago you know what i paid for some of the stuff. But
i'm tired of hoarding it all. So, i will take the best offer i can get for
all of the stuff. My reserve bid is $0, that is i will give it away if
that is the best offer. I will probably be most moved by someone that may
actually get some pleasure out of the stuff and esp. someone that would
want to take the whole lot. There is a free city dump day coming up in my
part of town on July 19th, so i'd like to settle the stuff by then so i can
dispose of whatever is left at that time.

Paul Leondis
510-649-0993 phone
Berkeley, CA
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