Computer Museums

From: Marvin <>
Date: Tue Jul 15 17:09:55 1997

I have been thinking, probably along with most everyone here, for the
past couple of years about how to open a computer museum. The major
stumbling block is, of course, funding. But that aside, what type of
things does this group think a computer museum should consist of and
what should it offer? I am talking here about a physical location as
opposed to an online web site.

The type of things I am currently considering are:

What should be on display considering:
1) space limitation
2) Mainframes, minis, micros
3) What would most attract visitors
4) What would most attract funding :)

Other activities to make the museum more than just a display of
1) Computer certification classes
2) Availability of documentation for those doing historical computer
3) Newsletter
4) Information on promoting computer collecting
5) Being able to provide docs and software (subject to copyright
restrictions of course)

I am thinking of quite a few other things but this will do for a start.
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