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From: PG Manney <manney_at_nwohio.com>
Date: Tue Jul 15 18:35:07 1997

> Hello there, I run a fileserver that has 2 ST-225 20 meg drives, and 1
> 420 meg IDE drive, this system runs 24/7, and has been running for 2
> continuous now. My question is what is the life expectancy of these
> it is often said that the ST-225 series are not reliable, however they
> continue to run strong. also these things run so hot that you can fry an
> on it! :)

Where is the heat localized? The logic board gets hot around the bearing
(bushing), but the case itself shouldn't get hot. I'd be worried.

I deal with a *lot* of old systems, and I don't see any more dead ST-225's
than others.

I always keep an ST-225 around, 'cause I *know* it'll go on #2 in the ROM
drive table if I can't locate the listing in the BIOS.
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